Service Company Solutions, LLC was created by a group of service companies to address common needs each company was encountering. The first of these issues was the amount of time spent tracking out-of-stock, no-longer-available and hard-to-find parts. Most companies would try a few suppliers and spend up to an hour trying to locate parts. Often time we’ve had to call the customer and let them know the part is no longer available and lose the repair.

With the creation of (MPH) we addressed this issue to allow service companies to search over a hundred stocking locations in seconds. We have received hundreds of reports of companies locating parts that had been back ordered for months as well as NLA parts their regular suppliers didn’t have. After the initial launch we saw how useful this tool was to the service industry. As a result we chose to make the product free to service companies. This free tool has been very popular to say the least. We are currently seeing tens of thousands of queries every month and the number is continuously increasing.

After addressing the parts issue, we began focusing on helping service companies navigate service call pricing. We partnered with Dean Landers, author and creator of the Appliance Blue Book (formerly known as the MASPG) to find ways that we could address the pricing issue. How can we assist service companies so they are able to charge professional rates, deliver consistent pricing and be fair to technicians and customers at the same time. This resulted in two Distinct offerings.

First, for companies that are not technologically savvy, we offer the pre-printed edition of "The Original Blue Book, Major Appliance Job Rate Guide. This guide is based on national averages for professional service rates. The Blue book is directly tied into MPH so that every time we print new books the part pricing and job codes are automatically updated with current information.

Our second offering is to take that same concept and make it live (real-time through the Internet) with the ability to customize the pricing, job codes, descriptions, part markup and even add repairs that are unique to your company. This new approach leads to the creation of "The Online Blue Book with Technician Presentation". With this new technician presentation, the technician can connect to the Online Blue Book and enter the parts needed for a repair and it will display the total job rate, pictures of the parts need (when available) as well as notes, add-on sale items, additional services, service agreements and more.

But we took it one step further! You can take all of these customizations to the Online Blue Book and have your own custom Blue Books that are professionally printed and bound just like the national pre-printed books but containing your specific data
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These products are also available from parts distributors, industry associations and other service company organizations.

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