About Us

What is Service Company Solutions?

Service Company Solutions is a software and resource development company comprised of appliance servicers. Want the short version? We build tools and products that make running a service business easier and more efficient.

Since the very first day that we opened our doors, our mission has always been the same- to make it easier for servicers to run their businesses and elevate our industry through software and professional tools; it’s that simple. 


Our Story

Our story begins in 2009, when we were simply a peer group comprised of appliance servicers; as we collaborated, we found that each of us had the same questions, obstacles, and challenges in each of our businesses. This simple realization was where the concept of Service Company Solutions began to take form.

We knew that other servicers were facing these obstacles as well and that there were not a lot of sophisticated tools available to make it easier to overcome them. From that point on, we dedicated ourselves to finding ways to help servicers do business more easily and efficiently. As we’ve grown, we have continued to try to introduce new products that further help servicers overcome these common obstacles that we all face.


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