Our Product Suite

Each of our products were designed to make servicers in the appliance repair industry do business better. Each one was conceived as a direct solution to specific problems that servicers all over the country deal with; take a look and see which products can help your business become more efficient, more profitable, and more professional.  

The Blue Book

The Blue Book was our very first product; to this day, it remains our most popular! The Blue Book is a a flat rate pricing guide that will tell you what to charge for which repairs.

No guessing, more profit- it’s that simple.

MPH Search

MPH Search is the 2nd generation of MyPartsHelp and is now live! When looking for parts, this product allows you to log into all of your parts distributor’s websites at once and see their current stock, prices, and stocking locations.

You can even buy and sell NLA parts from other MPH members!

MyPartsHelp Diagnostics

MyPartsHelp Diagnostics is a triage tool that is designed to increase your number of first call completes. 

See part numbers instantly without an IPL as well as common parts needed based on service complaint.

SCS Communications

SCS Communications is our VoIP telephone solution that is flexible, adaptable, and built to fit your particular business. 

Call recordings, mobile application for technicians, and more all provided at no additional cost

GLEEPS! Training

GLEEPS! Training is a training tool for technicians that is designed to improve the way that they interact with customers. 

As the GLEEPS! concept became more popular, we expanded the training to include CSR’s. Even the most experienced employees can use this training to better your customer interactions and keep customers for life.

Policy & Procedure Manual on CD

The Policy and & Procedure Manual is a ready to implement collection of, well, policies and procedures! 

There are over 50 useful forms, waivers, and policies all on one CD; each document is easily editable so you can make changes and customize each one to fit your particular business.

The Basic Training DVD Collection

The Basic Training DVD collection includes two DVD’s that are designed to educate your technicians on both the basics of electricity as well as the basics of refrigeration. 

These instructional DVD’s feature Thomas Lott of Sun City Appliance Academy and will help any new technician learn the basics.

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