What is SCS Communications?

Elevate Your Office and Agent Performance With SCS Communications

SCS Communications is a feature rich, powerful VoIP telephone solution that is flexible, changeable, and tailored to your particular business. That being said, it’s not just a phone system. This product brings our industry knowledge and fast, personalized service directly into your business; other providers simply don’t have the industry experience that we do. The plethora of features paired with the SCS team behind it brings efficiency and value; this value GREATLY exceeds the cost. Our goal is to provide the best solution possible for servicers rather than attempt to be the cheapest price. Unlike other VoIP providers, we only sell our products within our industry; this means that from the moment you switch, you’re benefitting from our expertise.

Why SCS Communications and What Makes Us Different From Other Providers?

The Answer is Simple: Our Industry Experience and Fast, Personal Support

Unlike other providers, we are exclusive to this industry; when you need help, you’ll get  it in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and your team and when you need us, you’ll ALWAYS get a familiar voice. No waiting in queues, no outsourced support. Period. 

We are the only VoIP Provider that has been industry specific for over 30 years; we know this industry well and understand what needs servicers  have and the challenges they face. What sets us apart is that, unlike other providers, we use this extensive industry knowledge and expertise to help you better your business from the perspective we have that is specific to this industry. 

No bulky equipment, no on-premise system to manage; SCS Communications is cloud-based, easy to use, flexible solution that we manage for you, so spend more time managing your business and less time trying to learn how to build your own system; we’ve spent years doing it for you.

The truth is that there are a number of discount VoIP solutions available to everyone; SCS Communications is a high value service- we don’t aim to compete with discount providers. Our Clients find the additional value that we offer absolutely worth the difference in price. Let us put it a different way- how much is each call worth? A service call can be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars in revenue in some cases, so ask yourself: is it worth missing that call to save a couple of bucks because a caller gets a busy signal? We specifically designed SCS Communications with this exact concept in mind

Our goal has always been to have the most comprehensive, flexible solution that we can possibly offer to servicers. That’s why your callers will never receive a busy signal- unlimited calls, unlimited business. Period. All calls are recorded and stored for 1 year with absolutely no limit or extra fees on the storage space. Additionally, there are no limits or charges on queues or extensions; we designed SCS Communications this way so that the system can grow with you as you add new technicians and expand your service area. Absolutely no charges for extra features or users- unlike other providers. 

The coolest part? We put your system on your own, private, virtual server which means your resources are not shared with any other company; as far as we know, there is no other provider in the industry that offers this. Since we have unlimited queues, agents, recordings, and calls, we are able to provide an enterprise level solution for companies from 5 technicians to 500; book a demo and see for yourself why servicers all over the country are switching to a better solution that is tailored to the industry.  


Although SCS Communications comes with a plethora of features that will better your business and help you better manage your agents, not all of our features are listed here. A few of the key features we offer are: 

  •  Call Recordings
  • Remote Agents/Locations
  • Real-Time Alerts on Lost Calls and Holding Calls
  • Multiple Ring Strategy Options for Queued Calls
  • Multiple Web Interfaces For Full Visibility and Control System Wide
  • Unlimited In/Out Calls- No More Busy Signal For Customers
  • Unlimited Extensions, Queues, Prompts
  • Mobile Application For Technicians
  • Flexible Build Options- Customize to Your Particular Business
  • Detailed Call Report Options
  • Live Call Monitoring Options Including Listen, Barge-in, and more! 
  • On-Screen Switchboard- See and Control EVERY Active Call and Agent in Your System in Real-Time
  • Many, Many More! 

We are pleased to be a 3CX Platinum Partner as well as being 3CX Advanced Certified and 3CX Advanced Certified Engineers. Take advantage of our expertise and build the phone system you’ve always wanted; from start to finish, we’ll help you all the way through.